About this blog

“Left Off Center” begins with the assumption that the American political spectrum has moved so far to the right as to leave almost no visible (mainstream media or political) space for a genuinely leftist perspective. We on the left are both “off center” in terms of being outside of the current political map, and “left off” in terms of possessing virtually zero political representation. If the left has been systematically marginalized by the media and utterly excluded from the American political process, the goal then must be to “decenter” the existing climate by simultaneously:

  1. questioning the central tenets which have been incorporated into Washington’s prevailing ideology and rendered nigh to invisible,
  2. rejecting the monopoly on meaningful discourse held by Republicans and “centrist” Democrats as anathema to genuinely progressive politics, and
  3. attempting to shift the fulcrum of political debate towards the left by establishing a genuinely leftist viewpoint in opposition to the “soft” and “hard” corporatism of mainstream Democrats and Republicans, respectively.

Who Are We?

For the moment this blog is the product of a singular entity in search of a multitude. It represents my very real individual frustration with the political status quo and my desire to open up the political to more diverse and authentically representative possibilities.I am an American citizen in my mid-twenties, who came of age in this era of endless invisible wars, environmental disasters, elimination of meaningful dissent, and increasing precarization of labor.



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